We have selected the most common responses to our couples questions. 

For further information, please contact us!

What's your work schedule?

Monday to Friday from 10am to 6.30pm. Closed on Sundays. 

Presencial meetings have to be previously scheduled. Meetings on Saturdays only by appointment. 


What is the price range of design and printing?

Medium pricing for printing and design.

Is printing included on the budgets?

Yes. In our budgets we always include the printing price for digital printing. 

However you can ask us to make you a budget with other printing processes in case of need:

white stamping, hotstamping e Screenprinting, Letterpress, etc. 

What's the estimated delivery time for custom invitations? 

It can vary from 3 to 4 weeks once you make the first fee payment. This timings may vary depending on the time and workflow and production.

What's the estimated delivery time for custom stationery? 

Normally 2 weeks once you make the first fee payment. This timings may vary depending on the time and workflow and production. You must request you stationery design one month before the wedding day or the final delivery date. 

When should we send the invitations to our guests?

We recommend that you send your invitations to your guests at least 3 to 4 months in advance. The ideal time is 6 months in advance. For couples living abroad, you can send them earlier, or even opt for a prior Save the Date (one year in advance) so that your guests can book flights and hotels on time.

Do you have an online shop service?

Orders, as well as contacts and meetings can always be handled online through email and skype.

However we do not offer a online store.

Do you send the pieces by mail? Only national or international?

We can deliver orders and samples through CTT-registered service.

If you require express service we can send via EMS (CTT) or DHL. Shipping costs to be paid by the customer
We are not responsible, for losses or delays caused by the shipping  services. We send orders by mail for national and international addresses.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a catalog. But we do have a portfolio full of proposals that have been created for our past couples. Our proposals are  custom made and exclusive for each couple. 

Where is your studio?

Matosinhos, Porto. For address full information please contact us. 

Do you work with foreign couples or couples who live abroad?


Do you have an urgency fee?

Yes we do have an urgency fee. However you must contact us and check the urgency timing because of the wedding season (from April to October). During that season it can be difficult for us to add some urgent proposals once it's a really busy time for us. 

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