It is a real pleasure for us to receive you on our website and show you more details about the design, what we do and how our process works. It is of the most importance on the process to have an initial contact with the couples to collect informations that'll be fundamental for all the wedding design customization. 

Here we present you some important steps of our design process. 

Here you have essencial informations to know more about our working process, and to know what ideas and informations are fundamental so we can know you a little bit more and understand your design needs. 

So please share with us this informations for us to send you a final budget for the wedding design. 


First contact & inicial ideas

For start we need to know more about you as a couple and about your tastes. Share with us your wedding decor ideas, color palette and themes. This way we can understand more about you and what you idealize for your big day. And it'll be essencial for us to send you an email with the  final budget.

Email much needed informations: type of invitation you desire, colors for us to use, format, invitation decorations or embellishments, and quantities to be printed. You can specify a printing process of your preference. However we always include as a basic budget the digital printing method

You can send some illustrative images so we can understand the type of invitations you like. This images will show us your fundamental tastes and ideas for the stationery. 


Meeting & budget approval

We like to meet our couples in person. Or, if it's not possible to come to our studio we can meet through a skype call. On this step of the process it's very important for us to know previously what you want and need for your wedding stationery so we can send you a budget. This way you can analyze and approve it on time. 

On our studio we have real final printed pieces of the stationery of the past couples. So, if we meet here it'll help you choose paper, format, printing method, and embellishments

After your approving our final budget and our first meeting it's time now to formalize the request and if you choose us you can pay the first fee for your invitation or stationery. That way we can guaranty you the reservation of the design for the invitations or stationery pieces and schedule a time to deliver the first digital sketches for you to approve via email. 


Sending the proposal by email

We have closed the initial and most important ideas. We meet at our studio and the first fee is payed after approving the budget.This is when the real fun beginsWe put creativity to run to costumize your wedding stationery. Beginning on the most urgent stationery pieces — the invitations. More closed to the wedding day we start designing the other pieces of the stationery. 

After we finish the proposals we send them to you on an email so you can correct them, make the adjustments and put it on your taste. We design everything together with the couple, as a team.

On this step of the process it's when we will need your help more, defining and correcting everything to be printed for your big day. 


Sample, final production & delivery

It's now getting real! On this fase we print a sample (digital print) of your wedding invitation for you to feel it, see it, and analyse it. To show you the sample on hands we schedule a new studio meeting (or Skype - we can send the samples through mail delivery). 

Once you approve the sample we initiate the final printing and production process after you confirm all the files that are going to be printed. Hands at work! It's time to make the final details and to assembly the pieces before the last delivery schedule. 

After this we can schedule the delivery on our studio or through delivering services:

(CTT expresso (EMS or DHL). Delivery costs on mail services will be charged as an extra to our clients

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