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Estacionário de casamento

Because every love story is unique,
the way to tell it, must be distinctive too.

More than wedding stationery and illustrations,
true exclusive works of art that capture your essence and will be a memory for a lifetime.



Invite Mi® is a design studio based in Porto, Portugal,specialized in unique wedding stationery and illustration. If you appreciate art, paper and unique and sophisticated details, you are in the right place. A true creative experience, where design and art come together in harmony, while creating the stationery for your wedding — or another special moment —or simply, creating illustrations that capture your essence and personality. Which ever you choose, the result will always be unique and memorable.

Check the portfolio and let yourself be enchanted!

Artista e designer



I chose graphic design as my degree course, but the visual arts, such as painting and drawing, have always been my greatest call and passion. Perhaps because I grew up surrounded by papers, paints and brushes, drawing and painting has always been like breathing — a pure extension of myself.
In 2014, I created Invite Mi® and here I found the true expression of my creativity where, through the simplicity of the design and the delicacy and exclusivity of the artistic details, I transform stationery pieces into authentic works of art. The concept, watercolors, materials, textures and craftmanship details, gives the pieces a sincere expression of who I am as an artist.


Bespoke proposals, with unique, elegant and sophisticated designs.



Watercolor artist and fine art specialist for over 8 years.


Elegant, delicate finishes and premium quality materials.


Expert professional guidance on a close contact. 

estúdio de design


For each story, a new design is created exclusively and starting with a blank page. Watercolors and original illustrations are painted and hand drawn by me. From wedding invitations, day of paper, to illustrations, we will create together authentic works of art, capable of enchanting anyone for their beauty and originality. I will be in contact with you, guiding you in every step, taking into account your entire concept in a specialized and professional follow-up.

convite de casamento personalizado


Delivering a bespoke invitation, thought out and designed in detail is a thoughtful gesture towards those we love most. Opening a paper invitation is a truly immersive experience, distinctive and hard to forget. The color, the touch of textures, the embelishments, the design details, the printing techniques and watercolors, conveys sensations. It is the art of knowing how to invite, that connects, that tells a story and that captures your essence. And as a work of art it is timeless, so all Invite Mi® pieces are thought and designed to be memorable — a heirloom and a keepsake for a lifetime.

materiais premium


For me, the quality of materials and design must be flawless. The watercolors are also created exclusively so that each piece is truly unique and an authentic work of art. Sophistication is present in all the pieces, in the harmony between design and art, where all the details come together as one. There is no theme. Your essence, your tastes and decoration will be the inspiration for the entire visual and artistic concept.

acabamento de convite exclusivo


Invite Mi® clients look for flawless, consistent design from start to finish and value artistry in all forms. They see every detail and illustration as an investment in something unique, beautiful and elegant that represents them. For this reason, they value refinement and elegance and invest in delicate materials and high-quality finishes, which give their pieces an extra touch of sophistication.

Convite de casamento


For each story, the stationery for the event will be designed from scratch, in total exclusivity. Design and art in full harmony, result in a unique and memorable stationery.

ilustração a aguarela


A unique and truly charming artistic detail, in watercolor or line drawing, for stationery, or for other moments in your life. Invite Mi's best-known and most requested specialty.



Get in touch and fill out the form so we can start the design process for your bespoke pieces.



"A melhor escolha! A Mariana é uma excelente profissional. Voltaríamos a escolhê-la uma e outra vez. No nosso caso, como somos de Espanha, ela adaptou-se perfeitamente às nossas necessidades e gostos e também fez um grande esforço para trabalhar numa língua diferente em todos os momentos, assegurando que tudo chegasse a tempo e de forma correta. Gostámos tanto do seu trabalho com os convites que não tivemos dúvidas em voltar a trabalhar com ela durante todo o resto do papel de carta e da marca do casamento. Os desenhos que ela faz são belos e originais, tendo em conta os gostos dos noivos, contribuindo sempre com a sua visão profissional."

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