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Because I grew up surrounded by papers, paints and brushes, drawing and painting has always been like breathing — a pure extension of myself. 



The delicacy and exclusivity of art in harmony with the simplicity of design, creating distinctive and memorable pieces. With a sophisticated design and unique artistic details, the invitations and all the stationery pieces are created with a concept that reflects your essence and that will translate into an elegant and exquisite result.

A ilustrar aguarelas

With a degree in graphic design and while still attending a Master's degree in the same field, I found the world of wedding stationery as if "by magic". Here I combined my passion for art, my training and my more romantic side, to create truly unique works of art. Nothing happens by chance!

I chose graphic design as a my degree course, but the visual arts, such as painting and drawing, have always been my greatest call and passion. Perhaps because I grew up surrounded by papers, paints and brushes, drawing and painting has always been like breathing — a pure extension of myself. 

In 2014, I created Invite Mi® and here I found the true expression of my creativity where, through the simplicity of the design and the delicacy and exclusivity of the artistic details, I transform stationery pieces into authentic works of art. The concept, watercolors, materials, textures and craftmanship details, gives the pieces a sincere expression of who I am as an artist.

In these more than 8 years as a specialist in the art of designing and illustrating bespoke stationery pieces that tell stories and connect people, love and life's most precious moments continue to be the true inspiration for all my creations. 

Couples from all over the world pass through here, and trust my work and vision to create the stationery pieces of their dreams.

My desire to deliver something truly unforgettable led me, right from the start, to combine design with my passion for watercolor to illustrate the invitations of my first couples. 

Nowadays, couples come to me for exactly this reason — the artistry and detail in each piece. Watercolor is undoubtedly Invite Mi®'s greatest specialty, but the line illustrations, in a more minimalist tone, the details and premium materials, are also a point of reference in my work. 

At Invite Mi®, your essence and history will always be the true inspiration for the design of each piece. Above all, the purpose of my brand is that you feel involved in a whole creative and sensory experience, which will translate into your dream paper pieces.

And I will be here throughout the process, guiding you with all my knowledge and vast professional experience, in a close and permanent service with you, so that you feel comfortable and confident of the final result. 



Sobre mim



I am Mariana, designer and artist. A dreamer, and a 34 year old woman. But at the same time I am very rational and practical. I'm from Leça da Palmeira, the land that has my heart and saw me grow and where my studio is located.

As an Aquarian that I am, I don't give up on my independence and freedom. I have many dreams in me and sometimes I feel that not all of them fit inside and I have a mind that travels at all times, through various thoughts. 



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I'll be on this side, waiting for you. See you soon!

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