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Illustration - especially watercolor - is one of Invite Mi®'s specialties and the most requested by my couples.  

The watercolor, for its lightness and elegance, with subtle shades, gives the pieces the perfect artistic detail, to delight your guests. And that's why,ideal for a wedding invitation and remaining stationary, memorable!

But if your taste is more minimalist, you can opt for line illustration, where the line outlines add a touch of simplicity. 



Watercolor, the distinctive and unique touch that will turn your invitations and stationery into authentic, memorable works of art. All illustrations are unique and unrepeatable, hand drawn and painted by me and, like the line illustrations, are created especially for Invite Mi® clients considering their overall design and concept.

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I have selected some images of watercolor illustrations, created exclusively for Invite Mi® clients, so that you can be inspired for your own invitations and wedding design. Watercolors are a complement and can be created for any time and purpouse you want. And even if you're creating your own invitations, you can order a custom illustration to apply to your design. 


Watercolors are also excellent as a gift, to frame in your home or even for other applications on brand products. Find more information on the service page.

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